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Splatoon 3: A Fresh Take on the Fan-Favourite Shooter Franchise

The Splatoon franchise has quickly become one of the most beloved shooter franchises in gaming. The series has been praised for its unique take on the shooter genre, blending vibrant colours and fun, accessible gameplay. Now, the series is back with Splatoon 3, and it looks to be an even bigger and better experience.

The newest entry in the series sees players take control of the Inklings that have been transported to a new, mysterious land known as the Splatlands. Players will explore the Splatlands, battling enemy Octolings and collecting Splatoon-themed gear. The Splatlands also feature a variety of environmental hazards, such as raging rivers and treacherous cliffs, that players must navigate in order to reach their objectives.

One of the biggest changes to Splatoon 3 is the addition of a new weapon type: the Splat Dualies. The Dualies are a pair of powerful handguns that can fire ink from both sides simultaneously, allowing for a much more dynamic and strategic combat experience. The Dualies also feature a new dodge roll ability, allowing players to quickly move out of harm’s way. This new weapon type adds an extra layer of depth to the Splatoon formula, giving players more options during combat.

The Splatoon 3 multiplayer experience has also been expanded, with a variety of new game modes to choose from. Ranked battles are back, allowing players to compete against each other in a variety of team-based and solo matches. There are also new cooperative modes, such as Salmon Run and Tower Control, that allow teams of players to work together to complete objectives.

The Splatoon 3 single-player campaign also looks set to be the best in the series. Players will battle their way through the Splatlands, using their newfound Dualies to take on a variety of enemies. The campaign features a variety of objectives, from defeating powerful bosses to completing challenging platforming sections. The single-player also features a new weapon upgrade system, allowing players to customize their weapons to suit their playstyle.

Splatoon 3 looks set to be the best entry in the franchise yet. It retains the vibrant colours and fun, accessible gameplay of its predecessors, while also introducing a variety of new features that promise to make this the most dynamic and varied Splatoon experience yet. With its new weapons, game modes, and single-player campaign, Splatoon 3 looks set to be a must-play for shooter fans.

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