Zero Wing homes in on the C64

The Commodore 64, a beloved home computer, is known for its impressive library of classic games. Now, a new game has arrived that is sure to please fans of classic gaming: Zeta Wing II. Developed by Spanish game studio RetroSouls, the game is a vertical shooter where players control a spaceship and must overpower a large enemy force. It features 8 levels of intense action, as well as a customizable weapon system.

In addition to the intense action, Zeta Wing II also features stunning pixel art graphics and an immersive soundtrack. The art style is reminiscent of classic arcade games, while the soundtrack is composed by Eladio Torres. It can be purchased directly from the developer’s website, the official C64 cartridge store, or as a digital download from the Commodore 64 Gamebase.

If you’re a fan of classic gaming and are looking for a new experience on the Commodore 64, then Zeta Wing II is definitely worth checking out. With its intense action, stunning graphics, and immersive soundtrack, it’s sure to be a hit with C64 fans.

Chris Thacker

Author: Chris @ TRVG

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